Sensu sandbox

Welcome to the Sensu sandbox! The sandbox is a great place to get started with Sensu and try out new features.

Learn Sensu in the sandbox

Download the Sensu sandbox and build your first monitoring workflow to send keepalive alerts to Slack. The Learn Sensu sandbox is a CentOS 7 virtual machine pre-installed with Sensu, InfluxDB, and Grafana.

Monitor containers and applications

Follow the instructions for Getting Started with Sensu Go on Kubernetes to deploy a Sensu cluster and an example application (NGINX) into Kubernetes with a Sensu agent sidecar. You’ll also learn to use sensuctl to configure a Nagios-style monitoring check for the example application.

Upgrade from Sensu Core 1.x to Sensu Go

Use the Sensu translator to translate check configurations from Sensu Core 1.x to Sensu Go and learn how to visually inspect and adjust check token substitution and extended attributes to make sure your Core checks work properly in Sensu Go.