Sensu Go release notes


Sensu Go adheres to semantic versioning using MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH release numbers, starting at 5.0.0. MAJOR version changes indicate incompatible API changes; MINOR versions add backwards-compatible functionality; PATCH versions include backwards-compatible bug fixes.


Read the upgrade guide for information on upgrading to the latest version of Sensu Go.

5.0.1 release notes

December 12, 2018 — Sensu Go 5.0.1 includes our top bug fixes following last week’s general availability release. See the upgrade guide to upgrade Sensu to version 5.0.1.


  • The Sensu backend can now successfully connect to an external etcd cluster.
  • The Sensu dashboard now sorts silences in ascending order, correctly displays status values, and reduces shuffling in the event list.
  • Sensu agents on Windows now execute command arguments correctly.
  • Sensu agents now correctly include environment variables when executing checks.
  • Command arguments are no longer escaped on Windows.
  • Sensu backend environments now include handler and mutator execution requests.

5.0.0 release notes

December 5, 2018 — We’re excited to announce the general availability release of Sensu Go! Sensu Go is the flexible monitoring event pipeline, written in Go and designed for container-based and hybrid-cloud infrastructures. Check out the Sensu blog for more information about Sensu Go and version 5.0.

For a complete list of changes from Beta 8-1, see the Sensu Go changelog. Going forward, this page will be the official home for the Sensu Go changelog and release notes.

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